Azure PowerShell 0.8.8

2014년 9월 10일 수요일

This Azure PowerShell release includes:
  • Role-based access control support
    • Query role definition
      • Get-AzureRoleDefinition
    • Manage role assignment
      • New-AzureRoleAssignment
      • Get-AzureRoleAssignment
      • Remove-AzureRoleAssignment
    • Query Active Directory object
      • Get-AzureADUser
      • Get-AzureADGroup
      • Get-AzureADGroupMember
      • Get-AzureADServicePrincipal
    • Show user's permissions on
      • Get-AzureResourceGroup
      • Get-AzureResource
  • Active Directory service principal login support in Azure Resource Manager mode
    • Add-AzureAccount -Credential -ServicePrincipal -Tenant
  • SQL Database auditing support in Azure Resource Manager mode
    • Use-AzureSqlServerAuditingSetting
    • Set-AzureSqlServerAuditingSetting
    • Set-AzureSqlDatabaseAuditingSetting
    • Get-AzureSqlServerAuditingSetting
    • Get-AzureSqlDatabaseAuditingSetting
    • Disable-AzureSqlServerAuditing
    • Disable-AzureSqlDatabaseAuditing
  • Other improvements
    • Virtual Machine DSC extension supports configuration argument
    • Virtual Machine Antimalware extension supports native JSON configuration
    • Storage supports creating storage account with different geo-redundant options
    • Traffic Manager supports nesting of profiles
    • Website supports configuring x32/x64 worker process
    • -Detail parameter on Get-AzureResourceGroup to improve performance
    • Major refactoring around account and subscription management

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