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Azure DevOps Roadmap update for 2019 Q1

Published date: February 14, 2019

We updated the Features Timeline to provide visibility on our key investments for this quarter. The features listed below link to the public roadmap project, where you can find more details about each item. 

Here are a few highlights on some of the features for Q1 and Q2.

Azure Boards:

Editing and deleting of work item comments – 2019 Q1

Azure Repos:

Rebase and fast forwarding as merge options for pull requests – public preview – 2019 Q1

Branch policies administration improvements – public preview – 2019 Q2

Azure Pipelines:

GitHub Enterprise and BitBucket support for YAML-based pipelines – 2019 Q1

Hosted pools and visibility into concurrency usage – 2019 Q1

YAML editor in the web – 2019 Q1

Multi-stage pipelines – 2019 Q1

Azure Artifacts:

Full support for Azure Artifacts in Release Management, continued rollout of upstream sources – 2019 Q1


Build failures report – 2019 Q1


Connect to Azure Active Directory, set up billing, and update security and org settings – 2019 Q1


Publisher Certification – 2019 Q1

For more details, see the Azure DevOps blog

We appreciate your feedback, which helps us prioritize. If you have new ideas or changes you’d like to see, provide a suggestion on the Developer Community or vote for an existing one.


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