Azure Backup—Enhanced Security

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업데이트된 날짜: 2017년 6월 14일 수요일

Azure Backup has built-in protection against ransomware. Through enhanced security, notifications, and recoverability, Backup will provide strong mechanisms to guard against any attack on-premises or in Azure.

Backup will also now protect VMware virtual machines. Prior to this release, Backup protected business workloads on SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and Window File Server running either on a physical server, Hyper-V, or VMware. Now with VMware virtual machine backup in Azure, Backup also protects virtual machines running on VMware.


Backup will also protect Windows Server 2016. You'll be able to protect applications such as SQL 2016, SharePoint 2016, Exchange 2016, and Windows Server 2016 locally to disk for short term retention as well as to cloud for long-term retention.

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