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Azure Managed Applications provides central IT teams, managed service providers, and partners with the capability to deliver services and solutions through the Azure Marketplace or service catalog. Managed Applications is based on hyperscale Azure infrastructure and software offerings, giving partners and providers a powerful way to sell infrastructure and software, and attach services and operational support to Azure customers.

Pricing details

Managed applications are built using other Azure services, so your managed application can consist of any of the over 100 Azure services offered today. Pricing is dependent on whether you are the publisher of a managed application or the consumer.

Publishers of managed applications must have a Microsoft Developer account. There is no additional charge to publish managed applications on the Azure Marketplace.

Consumers of the managed applications will be charged for the consumption of the Azure services that come as a part of the managed application. The publisher of the managed application can apply an additional monthly charge for the software, capabilities, or support services offered. This additional charge will show up as a separate line item on the bill.

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support.
  • Range of support options starting at $29/month. Find a plan.
  • Azure Managed Applications is a free service, and doesn’t have an SLA of its own—the underlying infrastructure and software services are governed by their own specific SLAs. See the details of individual Azure SLAs.


  • When customers deploy a managed application, they will be charged for the underlying infrastructure and software services included in the application. Additionally, the customers may need to pay for support and services provided by the managed application provider.

    Publishers need to have a Microsoft developer account to publish applications on the Azure marketplace.

  • To discover and consume managed applications, go to "Marketplace" in the Azure portal and search for the offering by publisher or offer name.

  • Managed applications currently provisioned in a subscription can be discovered by browsing to the “Managed Applications” resource in the Azure portal. This service can be found in “More Services”.


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