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Lieberman Software Corporation

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Cybersecurity solutions from Lieberman Software stop cyber threats that bypass traditional enterprise defenses. By delivering adaptive threat responses in real time, we continuously secure IT environments by countering external and internal malicious attacks.

More than 1,400 commercial and public sector organizations across the globe trust our cybersecurity solutions to secure assets, protect finances, and guard reputations:

•Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM): An adaptive privilege management platform that automates the rotation of privileged credentials and SSH keys in Microsoft Azure as well as devices and applications across the enterprise. The solution delivers control and compliance at scale to defend against and compartmentalize cyberattacks.

•ERPM Secure Application Launcher protects Azure and Office 365 administrators from disclosing administrative passwords should their workstations be compromised. Leveraging Microsoft RemoteApp, the solution also provides secure, audited, and recorded access to corporate applications on-premises and in the cloud.

•ERPM Service and Process Account Management discovers and safely changes account identities in Microsoft Azure as well as service and process account passwords found in tasks, COM applications, IIS, SharePoint, SCOM Run As, SQL Server, .NET, J2EE, Oracle DB/WebLogic, WebSphere, and custom applications. The solution also controls password change propagation to only the system where the account exists, including managed groups and systems in trusting domains.

Lieberman Software can rapidly deploy all 3 solutions for you in the cloud or on-premises.

Key Benefits of Lieberman Software ERPM Solutions

•Mount rapid cyber defenses when under attack
•Compartmentalize intruders so they can’t move laterally throughout the network
•Prevent staff and contractors from gaining persistent administrative access to IT resources
•Lower security operational costs and reduce risks by granting just-in-time access only when needed
•Prove compliance with the access control mandates of PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NIST, FISMA, and other standards

Lieberman Software is also a Microsoft Gold Partner and winner of Microsoft 2015 Partner of the Year for Application Development. Contact us to learn how our applications can provide your Azure environment with the level of security needed to protect your business against malicious insiders, advanced persistent threats, and other sophisticated cyberattacks.

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