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IV4, Inc.

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In an effective IT framework, form follows function. Just as a building is architected according to lifestyle, an IV4 IT infrastructure is designed around the workflow of your organization. Your business goals and strategies guide each decision we make, and each tool we deploy – such as Cloud and virtualization technologies. The result is an intuitive IT infrastructure that’s always business-ready.

Building the Foundation: Analysis Before Action
Using our proprietary IV4Sight Methodology, an IT Assessment analyzes how your existing framework aligns with your business objectives. In addition to a rigorous technical evaluation, we measure your infrastructure against compliance requirements, policies and procedures, and industry best practices. After exploring your present framework, the IT Strategy phase lays the foundation for building a smarter, stronger infrastructure.

Managing Your Move to the Cloud
By providing infrastructure, platforms, and software as a service, the Cloud can offer dramatic cost and resource savings. IV4 custom-builds a Cloud infrastructure based on your unique application, storage, resource, and delivery needs. We intelligently shift only the right IT components to a Cloud environment. As a Tier 1 Provider of Microsoft® Office 365, we can deploy powerful Cloud collaboration and communication tools.

Maximize the Inherent Benefits of Virtualization
Today, more organizations are abandoning the high cost of a fractured server infrastructure in favor of a leaner approach: the virtualization of servers, storage, and networking. By strategically consolidating applications and resources, IV4 empowers your organization to take full advantage of all that virtualization has to offer – cost savings, greater application availability, simplified disaster recovery, minimal downtime, and more.

Boost the Net Worth of Your Network
Networks are no longer just about connectivity. How your network is designed impacts every component of your IT infrastructure – from unified communications to virtualization. IV4 architects your internal, external, and wireless networks for optimal data flow and availability. This ensures authorized users can access what they need, wherever – and whenever – they need it. At the same time, IV4 considers compliance requirements, security, and scalability when designing your network.


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