Citrix on Azure

From deploying Windows 10 desktops and managing Windows apps to moving full virtualization workloads, Citrix cloud solutions are secure, fast to deploy, and easy to manage on Azure - the reliable, hyper-scalable, enterprise-grade cloud.

Remotely deploy virtualized desktops and apps

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Accelerate your digital transformation with Citrix virtualization

Ready to walk away from hardware budgets that make scaling slow and expensive, along with the burdens of infrastructure management? Now you can, and without rewriting a bunch of code. Citrix and Azure make it easy to move your apps and virtual workstations to the cloud and enjoy all of the benefits Azure offers - including paying only for what you use and the ability to scale quickly and cost-effectively.

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Deploy and manage Windows 10 virtual desktops easily

Instantly provision and securely deliver hundreds or thousands of Windows 10 desktops on Azure across the globe with XenDesktop Essentials. Available exclusively from the Azure Marketplace, XenDesktop Essentials harnesses the power of XenDesktop to simplify Windows 10 migration, speed Windows 10 on Azure deployment, and streamline on-going management at scale. So you can provide all your users with secured access to a Windows 10 digital workspace on any device - including Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux devices - through the power of Citrix HDX technologies and Azure.

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Quickly deliver secured apps to any device

You don’t have to change your apps to broaden your reach, just change the way you deliver them. XenApp Essentials provides a reliable, scalable way to deliver apps to any device from the cloud. By moving the backend infrastructure to the cloud, you get superior performance and flexibility along with simplified app delivery - without sacrificing management or end user experience.

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Get enterprise strength and support

When you deploy Citrix solutions on Azure, you get the strength of both sets of technology and support that’s embedded within the service. Our joint support model means your call will be triaged and transferred seamlessly between Microsoft and Citrix depending on the issue, with no loss of call information. When you have questions, we’re ready with experts from both companies.


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