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Azure webinar series: Build Application in Minutes with Power Apps and Azure

Join this webinar to learn how to use Power Apps to rapidly build web and mobile frontends, use Azure for backends, and easily link to your existing systems using prebuilt connectors.

Fall Storage and Data Partner Showcase

In this webinar, we will hear from key storage and data software partners about their solutions, their use of Azure, and how they are leveraging the Microsoft commercial marketplace to scale worldwide.

The commercial marketplace opportunity - September 29th

The Microsoft commercial marketplace enables partners around the world to accelerate their growth by providing access to over 4 million monthly users, joint go-to-market benefits, and resources across the broader partner ecosystem. These office hours will help you take advantage of the rapidly changing nature of cloud software sales as customers are increasingly using online marketplaces to find, try, and buy solutions.

Azure webinar series: Modernize How You Run Your Virtualized Workloads with Azure Stack HCI

Join this webinar to discover how Azure Stack HCI and its hybrid capabilities can help modernize your virtualized workloads and datacenter operations.

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Azure 전문가의 의견 청취 및 실시간 Q&A 세션에 참여

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