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Azure webinar series: Extend Azure Services to Your Datacenter with Azure Arc

Join this webinar to learn how Azure Arc lets customers seamlessly govern, manage, and secure Windows and Linux servers, and applications across on-premises, multi-cloud, and the edge from a single control plane.

Azure webinar series: Optimize Performance of .NET Web Apps and SQL Databases

Learn how to optimize the performance of Azure App Service ASP.NET web applications and Azure SQL managed databases. Learn about the latest Azure App Service pricing tier that includes faster processors, solid state drive storage, and quadruple the memory-to-core ratio of existing pricing tiers.

Azure webinar series: Learn Best Practices to Use Azure Networking for Your Hybrid and Cloud-Native Workloads

Join this webinar to learn how you can use the Azure Networking services to improve the foundation and performance of your infrastructure workloads.

Azure webinar series: Improve Data Efficiency with Database DevOps Solutions

Learn how to rapidly implement a database DevOps solution with Azure and Redgate tools.

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