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One in four Azure virtual machines run Linux. Why? Because Azure supports the open source technologies millions of you already rely on and trust.

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With Azure, you have choices. Choices that help you maximize your existing investments. Get support for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) on Linux, Java, and PHP Web application platforms. Develop and test your Linux and open source components in Azure. You bring the tools you love and skills you already have, and run virtually any application, using your data source, with your operating system, on your device.

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Our open source commitment extends to our flexible pricing options. Move to the cloud at your pace and choose a pricing model that works for you. For development and testing, you can provision and discard ephemeral Linux virtual machines and pay by the minute—only for what you use. With the Azure Compute pre-purchase plan, if you have steady state workloads with known compute needs, you can pre-purchase Azure compute capacity with discounts of up to 56 percent.

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Complement what you’ve already built by using Azure. Augment your open source application with identity and access management through Azure Active Directory, or cloud-powered insights through Azure Data Lake Analytics. Connect your SharePoint sites with PHP portals. Run Linux batch processes to support your .NET applications. And tap a growing ecosystem of open source solutions available from Azure Marketplace that enable rapid deployment in the cloud.

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At Microsoft, open source is a part of our day-to-day approach to cloud innovation. We're delivering new container capabilities with Docker integration. We're also constantly looking for ways to improve developer and user experiences with SDKs for open source languages and an open API. Plus, we're committed to sharing our cloud learnings with you and for your datacenters, thanks to Linux and open source support in Azure Resource Manager and Azure Stack.

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