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Public preview: Cross-subscription virtual network peering
2월 14, 2017 – The ability to peer virtual networks created through different deployment models that exist in different subscriptions is in preview release.
Ruby support is available on Web Apps on Linux
2월 14, 2017 – The preview version of Web Apps on Linux now supports Ruby.
Azure Site Recovery available in five new regions
2월 13, 2017 – Azure Site Recovery available in Canada Central, Canada East, UK South, UK West, and West US2.

추천 게시물

Safeguarding your cloud resources with Azure security services
2월 14, 2017

While cloud security continues to be a top concern, we recently shared insights from a survey that show overall concern has dropped significantly since 2015. We’re now at a stage where half of organizations contend the cloud is more secure than their on-premises infrastructure.

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