Azure 上的 Dynamics

使用以 Azure 为基础和目标构建的基于云的企业资源计划 (ERP) 解决方案,结合 ERP、商业智能、基础结构、计算和数据库服务,作出更明智的决策、更快重新设计业务流程并推动企业发展。


"Moving to the cloud is a major step for us to stay competitive, further concentrate on adding value, and continuously increase the quality of our products."

UmbraGroup CEO Antonio Baldaccini


让公司的所有成员都能根据需要随时随地使用商业智能 (BI)。将 BI 集成到公司的办公工具中,可对数据进行转换,以便更快得出更卓越的见解、在信息更全面的情况下作出决策。

"Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its seamless interplay with other office products, BI is not just for experts anymore. We make decisions faster based on data we trust, putting us in the position not only to react just in time, but to be one step ahead."

Dynamics 365 分析师与开发者 Giacomo Bonora


快速转换和适应,让组织保持市场领先地位。使用一致且易于使用的 ERP 解决方案,简化业务流程开发和部署的更改。

"Microsoft helps us to accelerate our business, and we help our customers to accelerate their business. Together, we are working on the same purposes and goals to create new sustainable urban deltas."

CEO Meiny Prins



"As we've moved Dynamics 365 into the cloud, we no longer have equipment to maintain our existing servers. We're beginning to shut them down and minimize our footprint locally, which gives our team more time to focus on our customers."

工程与运行部副总裁 Ben Hagler


更好地规划和提前满足企业需求。通过单个全面视图增强组织风险可见性,用前所不能的方式帮助 IT 部门扩展业务,同时持续提供安全性、可扩展性和可靠性。

"I know how important performance and transaction speed is to a retail environment. The fact that it is running on Azure is pretty reassuring. The benchmark performance has been really good, and the replication model around our core systems that we have in production just gives you the assuredness that you will have continuity of service, as down time costs money."

COO Grant Taylor

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