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Public preview: At-scale management of Azure Monitor alerts in Backup center

Published date: September 22, 2021

A few months ago, Azure Backup released a new and improved alerting solution built on Azure Monitor (in preview), which enabled users to leverage the rich alerting capabilities offered by Azure to monitor and act on critical backup incidents.
Now, users can also manage these Azure Monitor alerts via Backup center. This integration provides the following additional benefits:
•    Ability to view backup-related alerts at scale across vaults and also slice and dice alerts by backup-specific properties such as workload type, vault location, etc.
•    Quick visibility at scale into the active backup security alerts that require attention
•    Ability to configure and manage notifications (action rules) at scale for backup alerts from Backup center
•    Actionable interfaces that enable navigation to the virtual machine or storage account that requires attention 

Backup center integration of Azure Monitor alerts is supported for all Azure-based workloads supported by Azure Backup, which includes Azure VMs, SQL in Azure VMs, SAP HANA in Azure VMs, Azure Files, Azure Database for PostgreSQL Servers, Azure Blobs, and Azure Managed Disks. Refer to the documentation to learn more about the supported alert scenarios for each workload type.

For more information, refer to this blog post.

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