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Build exciting career opportunities with new Azure skilling options

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Microsoft Build is more than just a tech conference—it's a celebration of innovation, a catalyst for growth, and a gateway to unlocking your professional potential through skilling opportunities on Microsoft Learn. In this blog, we’ll look back at some of the most exciting Microsoft Azure tools that were featured at Build 2024 and put you on the path to attain proficiency.

Microsoft Build is more than just a tech conference—it’s a celebration of innovation, a catalyst for growth, and a gateway to unlocking your professional potential through skilling opportunities on Microsoft Learn. In this blog, we’ll look back at some of the most exciting Microsoft Azure tools that were featured at Build 2024 and put you on the path to attain proficiency.  

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Build intelligent apps with AI and cloud-native technologies

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Unleash the power of AI by mastering intelligent app development 

Empower your developers to achieve unprecedented productivity 

Accelerate your cloud journey with seamless Azure migration 

Master cloud-scale data analysis for powerful business insights 

Unlock maximum cloud efficiency and savings with Azure 

Unleash the power of AI by mastering intelligent app development 

Azure provides a comprehensive ecosystem of services, tools, and infrastructure tailored for the entire AI lifecycle. At Build we highlighted how your team can efficiently develop, scale, and optimize intelligent solutions that use cutting-edge technologies. 

This year at Build, Microsoft announced the general availability for developers to build and customize models in Microsoft Azure AI Studio. We recently dropped an Azure Enablement Show episode that guides viewers through building their own Copilot using Studio. Watch a demonstration of how to use prompt flow to create a custom Copilot, how to chat with the AI model, and then deploy it as an endpoint. 

Another episode focuses on new Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB developer guides for Node.js and Python, as well as a learning path for building AI chatbots using Azure Cosmos DB and Microsoft Azure Open AI. You’ll learn how to set up, migrate, manage, and utilize V Core-based Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB to create generative AI apps, culminating in a live demo of an AI chatbot. 

If that Azure Enablement Show episode piques your interest to learn more about Azure Cosmos DB, check out the Microsoft Developers AI Learning Hackathon, where you’ll further explore the world of AI and how to build innovative apps using Azure Cosmos DB, plus get the chance to win prizes! To help you prepare for the hackathon, we have a two-part series to guide you through building AI apps with Azure Cosmos DB, which includes deep-dives into AI fundamentals, Azure Open AI API, vector search, and more.  

You can also review our official collection of Azure Cosmos DB learning resources, which includes lessons, technical documentation, and reference sample codes.  

Looking for a more structured lesson plan? Our newly launched Plans on Microsoft Learn now provides guided learning for top Azure tools and solutions, including Azure Cosmos DB. Think of it as a structured roadmap for you or your team to acquire new skills, offering focused content, clear milestones, and support to speed up the learning process. Watch for more official Plans on Microsoft Learn over the coming months! 

There’s even more to learn about building intelligent AI apps with other exciting Azure tools, with two official collections on Azure Kubernetes Service—Build Intelligent Apps with AI and cloud-native technologies and Taking Azure Kubernetes Service out of the Cloud and into your World—and Build AI Apps with Azure Database for PostgreSQL.  

Empower your developers to achieve improved productivity 

Accelerating developer productivity isn’t just about coding faster; it’s about unlocking innovation, reducing costs, and delivering high-quality software that drives business growth. Azure developer tools and services empowers you to streamline processes, automate workflows, and use advanced technologies like AI and machine learning. 

Join another fun episode of the Azure Enablement Show to discover Microsoft’s skilling resources and tools to help make Python coding more efficient. Learn how to build intelligent apps with Azure’s cloud, AI, and data capabilities and follow along with hands-on modules covering Python web app deployment and machine learning model building on Azure. 

We also have three official collections of learning resources that tackle different aspects of developer productivity:  

  • Microsoft Developer Tools @ Build 2024: With cutting-edge developer tools and insights, we’ll show you how to create the next generation of modern, intelligent apps. Learn how you can build, test, and deploy apps from the cloud with Microsoft Dev Box, Microsoft Visual Studio, and how Microsoft Azure Load Testing and Microsoft Playwright Testing make it easy to test modern apps.  
  • Accelerate Developer Productivity with GitHub and Azure for Developers: Continue unlocking the full coding potential in the cloud with GitHub Copilot. Through a series of videos, articles, and activities, you’ll see how GitHub Copilot can assist you and speed up your productivity across a variety of programming languages and projects.  
  • Secure Developer Platforms with GitHub and Azure: Learn how to elevate your code security with GitHub Advanced Security, an add-on to GitHub Enterprise. Safeguard your private repositories at every development stage with advanced features like secret scanning, code scanning, and dependency management. 

Accelerate your cloud journey with seamless Azure migration

Migrating to Azure empowers organizations to unlock a world of opportunities. At Build we demonstrated how, by using the robust and scalable Azure cloud platform, businesses can modernize their legacy systems, enhance security and compliance, and integrate with AI.  

Looking to get more hands-on with Azure migration tools? Check out our lineup of Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Days. These free, two-day, four-hour sessions are packed with practical knowledge and hands-on exercises for in-demand skills.  

  • Data Fundamentals: In this foundational-level course, you’ll learn core data concepts and skills in Azure cloud data services. Find out the difference between relational and non-relational databases, explore Azure offerings like Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft Azure Storage, and gain insights into large-scale analytics solutions such as Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Microsoft Azure Databricks.  
  • Migrate and Secure Windows Server and SQL Server Workloads: This comprehensive look at migrating and securing on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure offers insights into assessing workloads, selecting appropriate migration options, and using Azure flexibility, scalability, and cost-saving features.  

Microsoft Azure SQL is an intelligent, scalable, and secure cloud database service that simplifies your operations and unlocks valuable insights for your business. The curated learning paths in our official Azure SQL collection will enable you to focus on the domain-specific database administration and optimization activities that are critical for your business. 

For an even more structured learning experience, there’s our official Plans on Microsoft Learn offering, Migrate and Modernize with Azure Cloud-Scale Database to Enable AI.  Designed to equip you with the expertise needed to harness the full potential of Azure SQL, Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL, Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server enabled by Microsoft Azure Arc for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, this plan will immerse you in the latest capabilities and best practices.  

Master cloud-scale data analysis for insightful decision making 

Cloud-scale analytics help businesses gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions at an unprecedented speed. Our unified analytics platform, Microsoft Fabric, simplifies data integration, enables seamless collaboration, and democratizes access to AI-powered insights, all within a single, integrated environment. 

Looking to take the Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification exam? Get ready with Microsoft Fabric Learn Together, a series of live, expert-led sessions designed to help you build proficiency in tools such as Apache Spark and Data Factory and understand concepts from medallion architecture design to lakehouses.   

There’s still time to register for our Virtual Training Day session, Implementing a Data Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric, which aims to supply data pros with technical experience how to unify data analytics using AI and extract critical insights. Key objectives include identifying Fabric core workloads to deliver insights faster and setting up a data lakehouse foundation for ingestion, transformation, modeling, and visualization.  

And of course, don’t miss out on our official collection of learning resources for Microsoft Fabric and Azure Databricks, featuring modules on implementing a Data Lakehouse and using Copilot in Fabric, and workshops on building retrieval augmented generation (RAG) Applications and Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore. For a more curated experience, our Plans on Microsoft Learn collection will get started on how to ingest data with shortcuts, pipelines, or dataflows, how to transform data with dataflows, procedures, and notebooks, and how to store data in the Lakehouse and Data Warehouse.  

Unlock maximum cloud efficiency and savings with Azure 

Promoting resiliency on Azure is a strategic approach to managing your cloud resources efficiently, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing costs. By right-sizing virtual machines (VMs), utilizing reserved instances or savings plans, and taking advantage of automation tools like Microsoft Azure Advisor, you can maximize the value of your Azure investment. 

On another fun episode of our Azure Enablement Show, we explore the Learn Live resources available to help you optimize your cloud adoption journey. Confident cloud operations require an understanding of how to manage cost efficiency, reliability, security, and sustainability. Whether you’re an IT pro or just testing the waters, this two-part episode will point you to the learning resources you need.  

There’s always more to explore at Microsoft Learn 

Like every year, Microsoft Build delivered exciting new products and advancements in Azure technology. Don’t get left behind! Start your skilling journey today at Microsoft Learn.