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Why Azure for your business?

Easy to get started

No matter what industry you’re in, or whether your organization is new to the cloud or cloud-native, it’s easy to get up and running quickly and confidently on Azure:

Many ways to save

Realize major short- and long-term cost benefits by moving some or all of your resources to Azure. Pay only for what you use and take advantage of innovative savings options:

Remote work

Boost remote productivity by providing your employees with the best virtual desktop experience available for Windows 10 and Office 365—available anywhere, on any device:

Partner help and support

Get friendly, expert help at any time with a variety of support options and consulting services from verified Microsoft partners who specialize in your specific needs:

Get help with pricing and take advantage of discounts

Contact an Azure sales specialist anytime for pricing questions and quotes, help understanding your bill, custom proposals for your needs, and cost-optimization tools and strategies.

Talk or chat with Sales

Pay less by reserving virtual machines, purchasing unused compute capacity at a discount, and bringing your existing server licenses to Azure at no additional charge. And estimate your Azure costs in advance using the Total Cost of Ownership calculator.

Estimate your costs

Start using Azure today with quickstarts and industry solutions

Azure free account

Try Azure now by creating a free account and get 12 months of popular free services, more than 25 services free always, and a $200 credit to use in your first 30 days.

Quickstart templates

Deploy resources and Azure services in minutes with popular quickstart templates, including how to deploy basic Linux web apps, Windows Virtual Machines, and Azure Databricks Workspaces.

Azure Marketplace

Accelerate your innovation with thousands of specialized industry apps and services—and reach millions of new customers by selling your own.

See how customers are thriving on the best cloud for small businesses

Citizen Care Pod built smart testing pods for COVID-19 using Azure IoT, Azure Cognitive Services, and ingenuity in pursuit of a common goal.

Citizen Care Pod

Tamarin Health helps businesses create safer environments during the COVID-19 pandemic with its Gather Safely platform built on Azure.


Kodisoft helps restaurants reduce costs, drive sales, and create deeper, more engaging customer experiences with Azure IoT Hub.


Net-Inspect’s groundbreaking supply chain and quality management software connects 26,000 suppliers around the world using Azure services.


To meet high customer demand, alldata IT-Systeme quickly expanded its platform capacity with an Azure Stack HCI-based solution.


StratosMedia created an innovative platform that makes interactive media perform on virtually any screen—from smartphones to video walls—using Azure.


Big-business capabilities for medium and small businesses

  • Azure Machine Learning

    Leve a IA a todos com uma plataforma ponto a ponto, dimensionável e fiável com experimentação e gestão de modelos

    Azure Machine Learning
  • Pesquisa Cognitiva do Azure

    Serviço de pesquisa baseado na cloud com IA para desenvolvimento de aplicações móveis e web

    Pesquisa Cognitiva do Azure
  • Serviços Cognitivos do Azure

    Implementar modelos de IA de elevada qualidade como APIs

    Serviços Cognitivos do Azure
  • Azure Bot Service

    Crie experiências de IA de conversação para os seus clientes

    Azure Bot Service
  • Azure Databricks

    Plataforma de análises baseada no Apache Spark rápida, fácil e de colaboração

    Azure Databricks
  • Kinect DK

    Crie modelos de voz e de imagem digitalizada com um kit de programador que inclui sensores de IA avançados

    Kinect DK
  • Máquinas Virtuais

    Aprovisionar máquinas virtuais do Windows e do Linux em segundos

    Máquinas Virtuais
  • Funções do Azure

    Processe eventos com código sem servidor

    Funções do Azure
  • Serviço de Aplicações

    Crie rapidamente poderosas aplicações Web e móveis na cloud

    Serviço de Aplicações
  • Armazenamento de Discos do Azure

    Armazenamento de blocos de elevado desempenho e extremamente durável para Máquinas Virtuais do Azure

    Armazenamento de Discos do Azure
  • Azure Backup

    Simplifique a proteção de dados e proteja contra ransomware

    Azure Backup
  • Ficheiros do Azure

    Partilhas de ficheiros na cloud de nível empresarial simples, seguras e sem servidor

    Ficheiros do Azure
  • Azure Backup

    Simplifique a proteção de dados e proteja contra ransomware

    Azure Backup
  • Azure Sentinel

    Coloque um SIEM e análises de segurança inteligentes nativos da cloud em ação para ajudar a proteger a sua empresa

    Azure Sentinel
  • Centro de Segurança

    Unifique a gestão de segurança e ative a proteção contra ameaças avançada em cargas de trabalho na cloud híbrida

    Centro de Segurança
  • Azure Active Directory

    Sincronize diretórios no local e ative o início de sessão único

    Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Site Recovery

    Mantenha o seu negócio vivo com o serviço de recuperação após desastre incorporado

    Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure Defender

    Proteja as cargas de trabalho de cloud híbrida

    Azure Defender

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