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Run Commands for Azure VMware Solution now in public preview

Published date: August 31, 2021

Common administrative management tasks in Azure VMware Solution include: the addition of an external identity source e.g. with Active Directory over LDAS/LDAP, and editing the storage policy of a Virtual Machine. Traditionally on-premises, these tasks are performed by the administrator in VMware vCenter. Now with Run commands, the process to run, track, audit, and edit the execution of these tasks is available directly within the Azure portal.  

Through the collection of Powershell cmdlts and the publication of these as packages in Azure VMware Solution, we have greatly simplified the experience for the cloud administrator. From within the Azure VMware Solution blade of the Azure portal, the cloud administrator can select from the list of packages the task they need to run, define command parameters including group name, relevant credentials, and details on the retention timeline for the command.

Over time, we will continue to add Powershell cmdlts packages in the Azure portal to support other administrative tasks that require elevated privileges such as setup and configuration of some third party Independent Software vendor packages.

For more information on Run Commands for Azure VMware Solution, please review the Microsoft Docs pages.

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