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Public preview: Enhancements to Azure Form Recognizer for Azure Applied AI Services

Published date: March 02, 2022

Take advantage of the following capabilities in public preview for Azure Form Recognizer:

  • Custom document capability: Create a custom model to extract text from unstructured documents, expanding custom extraction capabilities beyond structured documents.
  • General document capability: Support for recognizing selection marks is now available.
  • Prebuilt models: Automatically extract information from W2 forms to accelerate processing for tax and financial use cases as well as health insurance cards to automate prescription and medical check-in processes.
  • Access to the read API via Form Recognizer: You no longer need to go through Computer Vision, part of Azure Cognitive Services, to access the read API which streamlines your experience for deployment.
  • Greater language support: Read, layout, and custom form now support 164 languages for print text including Russian, Hindi and Arabic and similar regional languages. The preview also expands the handwritten support to Japanese and Korean resulting in a total of nine supported languages.

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