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Public preview: Dapr extension for AKS

Published date: November 02, 2021

Dapr is a portable, event-driven runtime that makes it easy for any developer to build resilient, stateless and stateful applications that run on the cloud and edge and embraces the diversity of languages and developer frameworks. Leveraging the benefits of a sidecar architecture, Dapr helps you tackle the challenges that come with building microservices and keeps your code platform agnostic. In particular, it helps with solving problems around services calling other services reliably and securely, building event-driven apps with pub-sub, and building applications that are portable across multiple cloud services and hosts (e.g., Kubernetes vs. a VM).

By using the AKS Dapr extension to provision Dapr on your AKS cluster, you eliminate the overhead of downloading Dapr tooling and manually installing and managing the runtime on your AKS cluster. Additionally, the extension offers support for all native Dapr configuration capabilities through simple command-line arguments.

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