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Public preview: Azure Functions extension for OpenAI

Published date: May 21, 2024

Azure Functions extension for OpenAI, now in public preview,  enables developers to build Function applications that integrate with OpenAI.

You can now perform the following tasks when building a Function App with the Open AI extension. The below capabilities are available in all languages (.NET, Java, Python, Node.js, PowerShell)

Retrieval Augmented Generation (Bring your own data for semantic search)

  • Data ingestion with Functions bindings.
  • Automatic chunking and embeddings creation.
  • Store embeddings in vector database including AI Search, CosmosDB for MongoDB, and Azure Data Explorer.
  • Binding that takes prompts, retrieves documents, sends to OpenAI LLM, and returns to user.

Text completion for content summarization and creation

  • Input binding that takes prompt and returns response from LLM.

Chat assistants

  • Input and output binding to chat with LLMs.
  • Output binding to retrieve chat history from persisted storage.
  • Skills trigger that is registered and called by LLM through natural language. 

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