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Public preview: Azure Firewall integration in Microsoft Copilot for Security

Published date: May 21, 2024

We are announcing the public preview of Azure Firewall integration in Microsoft Copilot for Security.  These preview features are now available: 

  • Retrieve the top IDPS signature hits for an Azure Firewall: Get log information about the traffic intercepted by the IDPS feature instead of constructing KQL queries manually. 

  • Enrich the threat profile of an IDPS signature beyond log information: Get additional details to enrich the threat information/profile of an IDPS signature instead of compiling it yourself manually. The Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence plugin is another source that Copilot may use to provide threat intelligence for IDPS signatures. 

  • Look for a given IDPS signature across your tenant, subscription, or resource group: Perform a fleet-wide search (over any scope) for a threat across all your Firewalls instead of searching for the threat manually. 

  • Generate recommendations to secure your environment using Azure Firewall's IDPS feature: Get information from documentation about using Azure Firewall's IDPS feature to secure your environment instead of having to look up this information manually. Copilot may also use the Ask Microsoft Documentation capability to provide this information. 

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