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Private preview: Root cause analysis, new telemetry, & alerts for SAP NetWeaver in AMS

Published date: November 23, 2021

SAP on Azure customers can now see root cause analysis (RCA) for SAP system unavailability caused by virtual machine or host outage within Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (AMS). You can view information about reboot, root cause analysis, details about impacted system, and recommended steps. 

SAP on Azure customers can also see additional new telemetry for SAP NetWeaver systems, such as: Outbound qRFC (SMQ1), Inbound qRFC (SMQ2) , Object Lock (SM12), Failed Updates (SM13), System Logs Analysis (SM21), Batch Jobs Statistics (SM37), Transactional RFC (SM58), Transport Requests (STMS), MEMORY Usage per Transaction (ST03), Most used Transaction code and memory associated (ST03),  User load statistics for CPU, Database and Memory (ST03) and RFC client usage and consumption (ST03).

Lastly, additional new pre-defined alert templates are available for SAP NetWeaver Memory Utilization, CPU System Utilization, CPU User Utilization, Outbound/Inbound Queue length, Enqueue Entry Volume, Aging Enqueue Entries, Failed Updates, Short Dump, Specific Message ID And Severity Error, Specific User and Severity Error, and Long Running Jobs.

To sign up for private preview - please contact your Microsoft account team or reach out to Azure support team via support blade. 

AMS is currently available in following Azure regions: US East, US East 2, US West 2, Europe West, Europe North. AMS does not have license charges, consumption charges are applicable. 

To learn more visit, AMS documentation and AMS onboarding guide.

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