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General availability: Media Services introduces new security features

Published date: March 16, 2021

Media Services introduces new security features available in the 2020-05-01 version of the Azure Media Services API allowing you to now bring their own encryption keys and use managed identities.

The latest features include:

  • Customer Managed Keys: Content Keys and other data stored in accounts created with the "2020-05-01" version API are encrypted with an account key. You can now manage your own keys to adhere to industry compliance regulations and improves tenant isolation of a service. Giving you better control of encryption keys is a way to minimize unnecessary access and build confidence in Microsoft services.  Learn more.

  • Trusted Storage: Media Services can be configured to access Azure Storage using a Managed Identity associated with the Media Services account. When storage accounts are accessed using a Managed Identity, you can configure more restrictive network ACLs on the storage account without blocking Media Services use case scenarios like streaming or encoding.  Learn more.

  • Managed Identities: Customers can now enable a System Assigned Managed Identity for a Media Services account to provide access to Key Vaults (for Customer Managed Keys) and storage accounts (for Trusted Storage).  Learn more.

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