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Azure Virtual Machines—large disk sizes up to 4-TB

Published date: June 30, 2017

We're excited to announce an increase in the maximum disk sizes for both Premium and Standard storage. This will extend the maximum size of the disks from 1,024-GB to 4,095-GB, and enable customers to add four times more disk storage capacity per virtual machine. Customers will now be able to provision up to a total of 256-TB disks storage on a GS5 virtual machine using 64 disks with 4-TB capacity. As a result, customers will no longer need to scale up to multiple virtual machines or strip multiple disks to provision larger disk capacity.


We'll also introduce two new disk sizes in P40 (2-TB) and P50 (4-TB) for both managed and unmanaged Premium Disks, as well as S40 (2-TB) and S50 (4-TB) for Standard managed disks. This will provide flexibility for customers to provision an appropriate disk size that will match their workloads. They can also provision the maximum disk size of 4,095-GB for Standard unmanaged disks.


Large disks are currently available in all Azure regions except sovereign clouds which includes US Gov, US DOD, Germany, and China. We'll have large disks available in sovereign clouds in the near future.


Read more about the increase in disk sizes.



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