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Generally available: IoT Edge 1.4

Published date: August 30, 2022

The 1.4 version is the latest long term servicing (LTS) release of IoT Edge. This release will be serviced with fixes for regressions and critical security issues through November 12, 2024 (product lifecycle). This release also marks the end of servicing for the 1.3 release which will no longer receive bug fixes or security patches. The release is based on 1.3 and brings the following improvements in addition to long term servicing:

  • Automatic cleanup of unused Docker images
  • Ability to pass a custom json payload to DPS on provisioning
  • Ability to require all modules in a deployment be downloaded before (re)starting any
  • Use of the TCG TPM2 Software Stack which enables TPM hierarchy authorization values, specifying the TPM index at which to persist the DPS authentication key, and accommodating more TPM configurations

Full release notes can be found on the GitHub release page for 1.4.0. The companion release of Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW) 1.4 LTS will be coming later this fall. Release notes for EFLOW can be found on the EFLOW GitHub releases page.

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