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Generally available: Azure NetApp Files datastores for Azure VMware Solution

Published date: November 09, 2022

Azure NetApp Files datastores is now generally available to run your storage intensive workloads on Azure VMware Solution (AVS). This integration between Azure VMware Solution and Azure NetApp Files enables you to create datastores via the Azure VMware Solution resource provider with Azure NetApp Files NFS volumes and attach the datastores to your private cloud clusters of choice. With this capability you can scale storage independently of compute and can go beyond the limits of the local instance storage provided by vSAN reducing total cost of ownership.

Key benefits:
• Cost reduction: We recommend ExpressRoute FastPath for connectivity from AVS private clouds to ANF and Standard network features enabled Ultra tier ANF volumes for optimal performance.  
• Easy to manage performance and availability: ANF is a GA service with 4 9s SLA across all tiers.
• Flexible data management: Scale capacity up to 100TB without adding nodes, simplified experience for backups, snapshots/clones to checkpoint changes, efficient incremental block transfer based regional DR, offloads from compute freeing up resources for VMs.

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