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General Availability of Azure Logic Apps' New Data Mapper for Visual Studio Code

Published date: November 15, 2023

Data Mapper is Azure Logic Apps' new visual data transformation tool. Now, in general availability, as a Visual Studio Code extension, it can create and edit maps between source and target schemas. In order to exchange messages between different XML or JSON formats in an Azure Logic Apps workflow—especially when the source and target schemas have different structures—the data must be transformed from one format to another. Data Mapper serves this purpose by helping you visually create these mappings while also handling transformations in a singular tool.  

Data Mapper provides a modernized experience for XSLT authoring and transformation that includes drag and drop gestures, a prebuilt functions library, and manual testing. You can use the extension to create maps for XML to XML, JSON to JSON, XML to JSON, and JSON to XML transformations. Once created, these maps can be called from workflows in your logic app project in both Visual Studio Code and deployed to Azure. 

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