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General availability: Integration of Azure Monitor Agent support with Connection Monitor

Published date: November 16, 2023

Connection Monitor, a multi-agent monitoring solution, detects network connectivity and performance errors real time with aggregated packet loss and latency, localizes the problematic network component with end-to-end path visibility in unified topology and provides actionable insights to diagnose and troubleshoot the issues, thus reducing the overall Mean Time to Resolve network connectivity issues.

With Azure Monitor Agent, we aim to consolidate multi-monitoring agents into a single agent. This capability addresses connectivity monitoring logs and metrics data collection needs across Azure and ARC enabled on-premises machines, thus eliminating the overhead of management and enablement of multiple monitoring agents. Additionally, Azure Monitor Agent provides enhanced security and performance capabilities, effective cost savings & ease of troubleshooting with simpler management of data collection. With this support, the dependency on soon to be deprecated Log Analytics agent is eliminated, while increasing the coverage for on-premises machines with support for ARC enable endpoints.

The highlighted features of this new update are:

  • Connectivity monitoring support for ARC enabled on-premises endpoints as source as well as destination.
  • Simpler management of network monitoring extensions
  • One agent for monitoring Azure and non-Azure Arc endpoints 
  • Enhanced security through Managed Identity and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tokens

The roadmap for the feature includes:

  • Portal support for auto-enablement of Azure Monitor Agent extension
  • Integrated support for enablement of Network Watcher extension with Azure Monitor Agent
  • Extended support across Azure resources beyond VM and VM scale set
  • Enhanced performance metrics with Throughput and Jitter UI support

This feature is being launched today, but will take a few days to be globally available.

Learn more about Connection Monitor.

Learn more about Azure Monitor Agent support in Connection Monitor.

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