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Public preview: Exporting ISE and Consumption Logic Apps to Standard SKU

Published date: November 07, 2022

Logic Apps Standard VS Code Extension now allows you to export groups of logic apps workflows deployed to Azure, either in Consumption SKU or under an Integration Service Environment (ISE) as a local Logic Apps Standard project, allowing you to locally test the exported logic apps and either deploy directly to Azure or push the project to your preferred source control repository.

The tool will also generate ARM templates to support the deployment of a Logic App Standard application and any associated Azure connectors via script, parameterize your connections configuration – simplifying the move between environments, and deploy new instances to your Azure connections, so local testing don’t impact existing applications.

To learn more about the tool, including how to install and a walkthrough of the export process, follow one of the paths below:

  • Logic Apps
  • Features
  • SDK and Tools

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