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Dedicated clusters in Azure Monitor logs now support any commitment tier

Published date: January 25, 2024

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to create dedicated clusters in public and sovereign clouds at any commitment tiers, starting at a minimum of 100GB per day. This capability is provided in response to your feedback to reduce the required commitment tier in Azure Monitor log dedicated clusters, especially in cases where ingestion did not reach the minimum tier level. Configuration is first available via REST.

The minimum commitment tier in a dedicated cluster is essential to guarantee the provisioning of a managed Azure Data Explorer (ADX) cluster in the backend. This provisioned cluster is responsible for supporting data ingestion and queries related to the workspaces linked to the cluster. The billing of the cluster initiates upon provisioning, irrespective of the actual data ingestion and usage. Therefore, the implementation of a commitment tier becomes necessary to align with this billing structure.

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