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Batch API for Blob Storage

Published date: October 23, 2019

The public preview of Batch API for Azure Blob Storage is now available to simplify development of applications that make several concurrent API requests to Blob storage.  Batch API reduces the number of connections a client has to open, manage and distribute the requests to and helps improve application performance . The Blob Batch REST API allows multiple API calls to be embedded into a single HTTP request. Each individual subrequest in a Batch request will be counted as one transaction. In addition, the Batch REST request will be counted as one transaction. So in a case where you have a batch of size 100 requests, you will have a total of 101 transactions.  The response returned by the server for a batch request contains the results for each sub-request in the batch. The batch request and response leverages the OData batch processing specification.

Currently the API supports two types of sub-requests: SetBlobTier for Block Blobs and DeleteBlob, with more requests to follow. This API is available starting version 2018-11-09. Additionally, the Batch REST API is complemented with support in the .Net, Java and Python client SDK with more SDKs to follow. BatchAPI is available on standard General Purpose v2 storage accounts for Block blobs. It is not yet available for ADLS Gen2 however (Hierarchical namespace enabled storage accounts). Batch API will work just like any other storage REST API and supports all existing support Storage authentication and authorization schemes. Batch delete will trigger any event grid subscriptions registered for Delete.

We are looking forward to your feedback and excited to hear your experiences. Please send any feedback to

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