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Azure Storage blob inventory public preview

Published date: December 01, 2020

A lot of valuable data is stored in Azure Blob Storage. Customers frequently want to have an overview of their data for business and compliance reasons. Today, we are announcing the public preview of Azure Storage blob inventory feature.

The Azure Storage blob inventory feature provides an overview of your blob data within a storage account. Use the inventory report to understand your total data size, age, encryption status, and so on. Enable blob inventory reports by adding a policy to your storage account. Add, edit, or remove a policy by using the Azure portal. Once enabled, an inventory report is automatically created daily.

The blob inventory preview is available on storage accounts in the following regions:

  • France Central
  • Canada Central
  • Canada East

Learn more about blob inventory.

The fee for inventory reports isn't charged during the preview period. Pricing will be determined when this feature is generally available.

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