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Azure Service Fabric Mesh Preview Retirement

Published date: January 28, 2021

Today, we are announcing the retirement of Azure Service Fabric Mesh. We will continue to support existing deployments until April 28th, 2021, however new deployments will no longer be permitted through the Service Fabric Mesh API. Service Fabric clusters deployed via Azure and Service Fabric Standalone are unaffected and will remain fully supported and available for customers.

In July 2018, we launched a preview of Service Fabric Mesh, a fully managed offering which made it easier for customers to deploy and operate containerized applications. With Service Fabric Mesh, a customer could focus on application development without needing to configure VMs, storage, or networking. While Service Fabric Mesh reduced the administrative overhead that comes with infrastructure management, our customers missed application portability, and ability to lift and shift applications enabled by full spectrum of Service Fabric features. Based on this customer feedback, we have decided to retire Service Fabric Mesh as we re-focus our efforts towards simplifying cluster management and providing an improved serverless container experience.

With this change, customers can choose from Azure Container Instances, Service Fabric managed clusters, or Azure Kubernetes Service to migrate their Service Fabric Mesh workloads. Customers that want to deploy serverless containers quickly and easily would benefit from Azure Container Instances. Customers that want additional control over their environment would benefit from Azure Kubernetes Service which offers an industry leading managed Kubernetes offering. Lastly, customers who want all the richness that comes with Service Fabric such as stateful programming models can use Service Fabric managed clusters which offer the entire Service Fabric feature set with reduced cluster management overhead. Customers can also continue to use Service Fabric clusters deployed via Azure or Standalone.

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