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Azure Quickstart Center enables new customers to build cloud projects with confidence

Published date: May 06, 2019

At Build 2019, the Azure Quickstart Center will be available to the public. The Quickstart Center gives you a self-guided approach to set up your cloud environment and start your projects with confidence. Find the Quickstart Center in All Services or by using global search in the portal header.

There are three ways to accelerate your cloud deployment:

  • Setup guide: Configure your cloud environment using recommended best practices within Introduction to Azure Setup to manage, secure, monitor, and control your Azure environment when you first it up for your organization.
  • Start a project: Compare different Azure services available to find the best solution for your cloud project. Then, quickly launch and create the appropriate workloads in the Azure cloud.
  • Take an online course: Dive into an online course and learn core cloud concepts to start building your cloud projects like a pro.

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