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Azure Files premium tier is now available in more regions with LRS, ZRS, and NFS support

Published date: October 09, 2020

Azure Files premium tier storage offers highly-performant, highly available file services, that is built on solid-state drives (SSD). Premium tier is optimized to deliver consistent performance for IO-intensive workloads that require high-throughput and low latency. 

Since the release of premium tier last year, we have significantly expanded the premium tier regional coverage and are continually adding more regions.

  • Premium tier is now available in 32 Azure regions including all major US, Europe, Asia regions, and US Gov and China sovereign cloud – Australia East, Australia Southeast, Brazil South, Canada Central, Canada East, Central India, Central US, China East 2, China North 2, East Asia, East US, East US 2, Japan East, Japan West, Korea Central, Korea South, North Central US, North Europe, France Central, Germany West Central, South Central US, Southeast Asia, US Gov Arizona, US Gov Virginia, UAE North, UK South, UK West, West Central US, West Europe, West India, West US, West US 2. Stay up to date on the premium tier region availability through the Azure region availability page.
  • Premium tier zone-redundance storage (ZRS) is now offered in 7 regions –Australia East, Europe North, Europe West, Southeast Asia, US East, US East 2, US West 2. More regions are being added. Check the Azure storage redundancy page for the latest information.
  • Network File System (NFS 4.1) public preview  on premium tier is now open in the following regions – Australia East, East US, East US 2, West US 2, Southeast Asia, UK South, West Europe. To get the latest info, see region availability section of NFS shares documentation.

Learn more about Azure Files and refer to pricing page for more details on pricing.

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