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Azure Blob storage - Inventory generally availability

Published date: August 17, 2021

Customers store petabytes of data in Azure Blob storage comprised of tens to billions of individual files. Inventory provides an easy way to gain insights into the containers and all block, append, and page blobs stored within an account.  Blob Inventory can be selected to provide a full listing of all blobs and containers on a daily or weekly basis.

Prior to Inventory, either a separate catalog system or, listing of all blobs and analyzing added complexity and cost to solutions that used blob storage. With inventory, all blobs and containers that match an optional filter will be listed on a daily or weekly basis to a CSV or Parquet file that can then be processed for insights.  A common ask we get today that inventory solves for is object count and capacity calculation for a container or an ADLS Gen2 folder.

Inventory is available in all public regions. The pricing is based on the number of items written to the inventory file with a baseline in East US of $0.0025 per million rows for flat namespace and $0.0035 for hierarchical namespace (used by ADLS Gen2 or NFS).  GA pricing will start on 1 October 2021 with regional uplifts on the baseline price.

Learn more about Blob Inventory.

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