Offload the heavy lifting of datacenter management


Simple, distributed, cross-platform file system

  • Lift and shift migration
  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Move data to cloud with no coding

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Persistent, high-performance disk storage for every workload

  • Low latency, high throughput
  • Industry-leading, single-instance service-level agreement
  • Enterprise-grade durability

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Massively-scalable object storage for unstructured data

  • Cost-effective for massive volume
  • Tiered storage options
  • Single infrastructure with global reach

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Data Lake Storage

Secure, massively scalable data lake storage.

  • Limitless storage for analytics data
  • Optimized for Apache Spark and Hadoop analytics engines
  • High-performance file system with support for fine-grained ACLs

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Industry leading price point for storing rarely accessed data

  • Data automatically encrypted at rest
  • Seamless integration with hot and cool storage tiers
  • Supported by leading Data Management partners

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Avere vFXT for Azure

High-performance computing at the edge

  • Accelerate data access for large, file-based workloads
  • Scale infrastructure for HPC when you need it
  • Use on-premises NAS or Azure Blob for primary storage

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"We like the data security and replication services that we get in Azure, as well as the increased agility it gives us. We can install a new application in Azure in less than one day."

Anthony Lewkowicz, Technical Architect & Chief Info Security Officer at Chronodrive

"Azure had the best pricing of several options, and it was better aligned to our strategy because we use a great deal of Microsoft software."

Philip Ball, Chief Technical Officer at Serko

"For the second year in a row, Microsoft is the top CSP for public cloud storage. In our most important suite of tests—the benchmark tests—Microsoft consistently performed better than Amazon. It delivered the best speeds across small and medium-sized files and, in some cases, beat Amazon by nearly 2x."

Nasuni, State of Cloud Storage

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You’ve come to the right place. Azure Storage offloads the heavy lifting of datacenter management. Plus, no more capital expense for new hardware, just flexible cloud options you pay for as you need them. Where to begin?

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