Visual Studio

The powerful and flexible environment for developing applications in the cloud


Download Visual Studio 2019 to enjoy the latest improvements in Azure development

  • Publish to Azure improvements for .NET Core: target App Service Linux and bring your own .Net Core version
  • Production diagnostics: now start SnapShot Debugging without impacting the live service direct from Debug menu, and trigger performance Profiler “on demand”
  • Connected Services tools: Cognitive Services extension and Key Vault connected service

Best-in-class integrated development environment (IDE)

Develop Azure applications locally

Quickly deploy your apps to Azure

Diagnose and debug apps in production

Enhance productivity with best-in-class Visual Studio IDE

Develop apps for Azure—or for Android, iOS, IoT, Windows, or web. Write code quickly, and find the APIs you need using IntelliSense. Create high-quality maintainable code using style rules and built-in testing. Efficiently navigate your code using Go To All and other built-in search functionalities. Find and fix bugs using a world-class debugging experience across languages, both locally and remotely.

Build Azure apps locally, without signing into Azure

Run and debug Azure Functions and web applications right from your workstation. Use the Azure Storage Emulator and the Cosmos DB Emulator to develop your apps locally, then easily target them to Azure when you’re ready to deploy. Even develop locally for advanced scenarios like Docker containers or Service Fabric applications.

Build, deploy and run Azure services directly from the IDE

Easily build and publish and debug applications to Azure App Service, Azure Virtual Machines or Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Use powerful diagnostics features such as Snapshot Debugger and Azure Monitor to identify and fix problems. Create, view, and manage Azure resources using Cloud Explorer. All from within Microsoft Visual Studio.

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