Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Fully managed OpenShift service, jointly operated with Red Hat

Build, deploy and scale apps on OpenShift with confidence

Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides a flexible, self-service deployment of fully managed OpenShift clusters. Maintain regulatory compliance and focus on your application development, while your master, infrastructure, and application nodes are patched, updated, and monitored by both Microsoft and Red Hat. Choose your own registry, networking, storage, or CI/CD solutions. Or get going immediately using built-in solutions with automated source code management, container and application builds, deployments, scaling, health management, and more.

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Highly available, fully managed master, infrastructure, and application nodes with no virtual machine operation or patching required.

Enhanced security with an integrated sign-on experience through Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Joint engineering, operation, and integrated support by Microsoft and Red Hat.

Clusters deployed into Azure and billed to your subscription.

Enterprise-grade operations and security

Run your apps on the Red Hat OpenShift security-hardened Kubernetes platform built on world-class Azure infrastructure. Azure Red Hat OpenShift is jointly operated and supported by Microsoft and Red Hat, and offers an industry-leading SLA of 99.9 percent availability.

Unmatched developer agility

Promote productivity with built-in CI/CD pipelines that provide a wide range of supported technologies and streamlined workflows. Then easily connect your applications to hundreds of Azure services, like Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Cache for Redis, and Azure Cosmos DB.

Scale on your terms

Start a highly available cluster with four application nodes in a few minutes, and then scale as your application demand changes. Choose among standard, high-memory, or high-CPU application nodes.

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Azure Red Hat OpenShift charges for the virtual machines provisioned in the clusters and OpenShift licenses based on the VM instance selected. Start by purchasing 4 application node, 1 year OpenShift reservations to deploy your first cluster. Additional nodes can be purchased using reservations or on-demand, whichever best meets the needs of your workload and business.

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After your account is activated, create an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster.

Frequently asked questions about Azure Red Hat OpenShift

  • No, you do not need to sign a contract with Red Hat. Azure Red Hat OpenShift billing falls under Azure paid services.
  • Request support in the Azure portal, and your request will be triaged and addressed by Microsoft and Red Hat engineers.
  • No, Azure Red Hat OpenShift does not work with free trial or MSDN Azure subscriptions.
  • OpenShift extends Kubernetes by combining an image registry, storage management, networking solutions, and logging and monitoring tools into a single platform. This eases operations for IT teams while enabling application teams to be more productive.

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