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    A Microsoft válaszai az Azure-ral kapcsolatos technikai kérdésekre

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    Azure Managed Application Permissions

    Forum: Azure Management Portal

    VM Scaleset vs Azure Batch

    Forum: Azure Batch

    traffic Manager issue

    Forum: Azure Networking (DNS, Traffic Manager, VPN, VNET)


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    Visszajelzés az Azure-nak

    Javaslata van az Azure-ral kapcsolatos tapasztalatai alapján?

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    We are having an issue of Multicast Routing Through GRE Tunnel which We came to know that not supported by Microsoft azure. This should be provided as to communicate with on premise or there should be some other workaround to achieve it

    Add Prometheus Monitors to Application Gateway

    It will be nice if you can add an Endpoint for Prometheus metrics to be scraped from Application Gateways.

    Newly Isolated pricing tire has been introduced, my It opps folks created my App service under it. Facing issues with Maven plugin

    Maven plugin not supported for Isolated pricing tire for azure delploy. Please do the needful

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