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Develop and test on Azure

Support secure, cost-efficient development and testing from anywhere with powerful provisioning and testing tools

Optimise your development and test environments on Azure

Empower your team to quickly provision dev/test and pre-production environments to deliver quality products, applications and services. Use purpose-built, managed developer services like Azure DevTest Labs, GitHub Codespaces and Windows Virtual Desktop to easily manage and optimise dev/test environments, tenants and subscriptions, without sacrificing governance, cost controls or security.

Use Windows Virtual Desktop to securely remote into development environments. If you don't need direct access to remote resources, use GitHub Codespaces to create cloud-hosted developer environments from any hosted Git repository. Connect to these environments directly from Visual Studio Code, which provides an experience that looks and feels local.

Use a rich set of managed developer services to provision fast and compliant dev/test environments that are tailored to your unique needs. Quickly provision and manage team-specific environments across your organisation by using Azure DevTest Labs reusable customised templates to reproduce test environments. Simplify the management experience of Windows virtual machines (VMs) and deploy and scale your dev/test environments with ease using Windows Virtual Desktop.

Use Azure DevTest Labs to centrally manage your dev/test environments with full control of VMs and customised template configurations to reproduce high fidelity environments.

Set lab policies to automatically shut down and start-up virtual machines, and use the lab cost trend feature to estimate your spending and set thresholds. Use Azure Cost Management for increased visibility into project costs, while utilising quotas and policies to ensure that costs stay on target.

The Azure Dev/Test offer provides discounted rates for your on-going development and testing, with no Microsoft software charges for Azure Virtual Machines and special dev/test pricing for other services. Save even more with reservations for one-year or three-year commitments on VMs and Azure SQL Database.

Visual Studio subscribers also receive free monthly credits that can be used to explore and try Azure services.

Create resilient applications built to manage the high-scale load of production environments and continue to run when faced with unexpected disruptions. Build load testing into your DevOps workflows using Azure Load Testing to generate high-scale load and optimise app performance at scale. Maximise app resilience using Azure Chaos Studio to see how existing apps handle simple and complex failure scenarios.

Learn more about products and services for app development and testing

Azure DevTest Labs

Provide fast, easy and lean dev/test environments in Azure

GitHub Codespaces

Cloud-hosted development environments that are accessible from anywhere

Azure Virtual Desktop

A comprehensive virtualisation service to quickly deploy developer desktops and test apps

Azure Chaos Studio

Systematically improve resilience with controlled chaos Optimise cloud costs while maximising cloud potential

Azure Load Testing

Optimise app performance at scale with a specialised load testing service built for Azure

Microsoft Cost Management

Optimise cloud costs while maximizing cloud potential

Azure Resource Manager

Easily and efficiently deploy infrastructure as code to Azure

Learn more through example solution architectures

Dev/test deployment for testing platform as a service (PaaS) solutions

Configure your infrastructure for development and testing of a standard PaaS-style system.

Dev-Test deployment for testing microservices solutions

Configure your infrastructure for development and testing of a microservices-based system.

Dev/test deployment for testing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions

Configure your infrastructure for development and testing of a standard IaaS-based software as a service (SaaS) system.

Dev-Test deployment for testing SharePoint Farm

Enable a small-scale deployment of SharePoint using a single Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) instance, SQL and SharePoint resources.

Customers are doing great things with development and testing on Azure


"Since using Azure DevTest Labs, we've seen our developer onboarding process drop from weeks to hours."

Peter Rothlaender, Manager of Cloud Solutions, Daimler


"Our build times are five times faster now that we use Azure DevTest Labs.... Developers get much quicker feedback, so they can test code repeatedly and identify and fix more errors."

Johan Krebbers, IT Chief Technology Officer, Royal Dutch Shell
Royal Dutch Shell


"Our customers demand the highest levels of data encryption and application and infrastructure security. From the day we launched, we've taken advantage of the enterprise-grade security features built into the Azure platform."

Monish Darda, CTO, Icertis

Aurora Health Care

"As a team, we're focused on high-quality solutions and speed. Choosing Azure was a very transformative decision for us."

Jamey Shiels, Vice President of Digital Experience, Aurora Health Care
Aurora Health Care

Risk Management Solutions

"By using Azure for dev/test, we get predictable costs and pay for the resources by the hour. By comparison, it can take a month to get dev/test hardware provisioned on premises."

Vineel Palla, Cloud Systems Engineer, Risk Management Solutions
Risk Management Solutions

Optimise your Dev and Test Environments

Learn how Azure Dev/Test can help your engineering teams quickly and remotely create dev/test environments.

Save with the Azure Dev/Test offer

Explore the Azure Dev/Test offer and see how you can save on dev/test workloads in the cloud.

Migrate and set up dev/test environments in Azure

See how to increase control over pre-production test environments by shifting to Azure.

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