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Azure private multi-access edge compute (MEC)

Deliver ultra-low-latency networking, applications and services at the enterprise edge. Accelerate time to market, reduce integration complexity and securely manage services from the cloud.

Trust Azure private MEC to unlock your new service revenue

Azure private MEC combines network functions, applications and edge-optimised Azure services to deliver a broad portfolio of high performance, ultra-low latency solutions that address the modern business needs of enterprise customers. Our global cloud platform, connectivity and ecosystem of partners and application developers allows operators and systems integrators to offer these enterprise solutions as fully managed services across a broad range of compute platforms.

Facilitate the rapid digital transformation of your enterprise customers with complete edge solutions and innovative applications that turn technology into business. Simplify the delivery of ultra-low-latency 5G connectivity at your customer sites and bundle edge applications to power innovative new services and revenue streams.

Select from Microsoft's large ecosystem of in-house and partner network functions to deliver reliable, high performance and secure connections between your enterprise end points and the Azure hybrid cloud. Deploy packet core and radio access network functions from the Azure Marketplace to provide the private 4G/ 5G connectivity that underpins low-latency applications. Expand connectivity options to include SD-WAN, security firewalls and VPN gateways on a single edge platform.

Easily deploy your Azure private MEC solutions across a range of hardware platforms using Azure Arc and the Azure Network Function Manager. Select from a portfolio of Microsoft platform options or use your existing hardware to host solutions that are all managed and monitored from Azure. By integrating compute, connectivity, Azure services and applications into a single platform, you will spend less time growing your equipment footprint and more time growing your business.

Build solutions with Azure services and validated applications from a rich ecosystem of ISV partners that are already developing market-specific IoT applications across our global customer base. Leverage edge-optimised Azure services - such as Cognitive Services, Azure ML, Stream Analytics and IoT Edge RT - to create the intelligent solutions that will drive the digital transformation of enterprise networks, processes and business models across a broad range of industry verticals.

Harness the power of Azure to make the deployment of complete services and solutions "as easy as WiFi." Simplify the procurement, deployment and management of new edge offerings through the Azure Marketplace. Trust Azure and the solutions from our partner ecosystem to scale your new services quickly and efficiently and reduce the costs of technology integration.

Explore Azure private MEC solution architectures

Discover how you can use the power of Azure private MEC to deploy ultra-low latency applications and network functions at the edge using these solution architectures.

Low latency connections for Industry 4.0 solutions

Manufacturers can use 5G for high performance, low latency connectivity to scale up industrial automation and improve productivity.

Video Analytics to enhance customer experiences at a retail store

Retailers can monitor inventory, track curbside pickup and cashier queues to take immediate actions to improve customer experience.

Secure and Scalable IoT device connectivity for Smart Buildings and Hospitals

Commercial buildings and hospitals can provide secure, reliable and scalable connections to devices on their premises and proactively address issues.

Learn more about Azure private MEC products and services

Azure Network Function Manager

Extend advanced network functions across cloud and edge

Metaswitch Fusion Core

Leverage a small footprint packet core at an enterprise edge

Affirmed Private Network Service (APNS)

Monetise enterprise edge with a robust and simplified Managed Private Network Service

Arc Enabled Kubernetes

Attach and configure Kubernetes clusters located either inside or outside Azure

Azure Stack Edge

A portfolio of devices that bring the compute, storage and intelligence to the edge right where data is created

Azure private MEC announcement blog

Partners are doing great things with Azure private MEC

Tampnet connects oil rigs/platform using private networks

Learn how Tampnet is using private networks to provide a reliable, secure connectivity for managing offshore assets for the oil and gas industry.


ASOCS provides cloud managed private 5G networks with Azure private MEC

Learn how ASOCS partnered with Microsoft to provide fully cloud managed private 5G networks on Azure private MEC.


Microsoft Partners Testimonial

Check out this video to learn how global system integrators (Accenture, Cognizant, HCL and Tech Mahindra) are partnering with Microsoft to deliver private MEC solutions that help enterprise customers digitally transform.

SI Partners Testimonial

Azure Network Function Manager simplifies 5G deployments

Learn how the highly distributed deployment of a Metaswitch Fusion Core instance is dramatically simplified by the Azure Network Function Manager. You will also discover the tools that aid in the provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting of 5G Core functions and sessions.


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