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Azure AI Search

Deliver accurate, hyper-personalized responses in your Gen AI applications

Latest Azure AI Search announcements from Ignite 2023

Leading information retrieval and search platform for RAG

Azure AI Search, an AI-powered information retrieval platform, helps developers build rich search experiences and generative AI apps that combine large language models with enterprise data. Implement search functionality for any mobile or search application within your organization or as part of software as a service (SaaS) apps

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Generative AI search to empower companies to chat with their own unique data

Workplace search to help internal teams explore databases and files

SaaS search to build intelligent, cutting-edge, market-ready SaaS applications

Website search to help visitors find information and products quickly and easily

Simplify development and delivery of search solutions

Reduce the complexity of data ingestion and search-index creation through integration with Azure storage solutions and simple RESTful APIs and SDKs. Deploy a fully configured search service with intuitive user experiences such as scoring, faceting, suggestions, synonyms, and geo-search. Avoid the operational overhead needed to debug index corruption, monitor service availability, or manually scale during traffic fluctuations.

Surface the most relevant results for your users

Surface the most relevant results for your users

Use advanced deep-learning models from Microsoft Research and Bing to provide contextual and relevant results in your apps. Employ the semantic search capability to better understand the intent of customers’ search terms, offer significantly improved results, and drive deeper customer engagement. Semantic search also enables knowledge mining and summary results, giving your users quick snippets without scrolling through numerous results.

Create next-generation apps with Azure OpenAI Service.

Combine Azure AI Search with Azure OpenAI Service to apply the most advanced AI language models to your search solutions using your own data as the basis for responses. Use conversational language for knowledge-base retrieval of enterprise data with ChatGPT, available in Azure OpenAI Service

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Use state-of-the-art vector representations

Store, index, and search vector embeddings for sentences, images, audio, graphs, and more. Find information that’s semantically similar to search queries, even if the search terms aren’t exact matches. With support for hybrid search, Azure AI Search offers the best of keyword and vector search. Encode vectors using Azure OpenAI Service embeddings, open-source models, or your own vector representations.

Customize search capabilities with AI integrations

Tailor the search experience to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Azure AI Search offers customizable capabilities such as key phrase extraction, language detection, optical character recognition (OCR), image analysis, translation, and role-based access control (RBAC). Take advantage of integration with Azure AI services including Speech, Vision, Language, and Azure OpenAI Service to further transform raw, unstructured information into searchable content. 

An illustration demonstrating how you can easily create searchable content using integrated AI

Scale to manage large datasets and high-traffic loads

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, easily index and search through massive amounts of data to deliver a great search experience for your users without worrying about managing infrastructure. Azure AI Search is designed to handle large amounts of data and support high-traffic loads, ensuring that your search solution can scale as your organization grows. 

Apply AI responsibly

Get access to cloud search tools, guidelines, and additional resources to help you create a responsible AI solution with Azure AI Search. Read the Microsoft responsible AI principles.

Built-in security and compliance

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene
The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations


  • ITAR

  • CJIS


  • IRS 1075

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Trusted by companies of all sizes

“Our in-house Azure-based search engine is equipped with AI and semantic capabilities to index terabytes of data across various heterogeneous data sources—thereby democratizing Beiersdorf’s R&D knowledge among our research scientists."

Stephan Abend: Head of the Data Science Hub, Beiersdorf

"We think of Azure AI Search as a central pillar for our engagement model because it consolidates the AI Services that we already use so that we can effectively tackle unstructured data."

Athanasios Pavlou: Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics and Cloud, KPMG

“Accessing useful information quickly is critically important to providing a differentiated client experience, which is why we use Azure AI Search.“

Aditya Thadani: Vice President, H&R Block

“Using Azure AI Search, [it] will take, literally, three seconds to search for a keyword across 2,000 documents and to find it—it’s amazing. Our clinicians were blown away.“

Jonathon Artingstall: Associate Director Information & Performance, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

“We have seen our customers experience a 70 percent decrease in the time it takes to create conversational AI content.“

Stacey Kyler: Product Manager, Zammo

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Get the latest Azure AI Search news

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Frequently asked questions about Azure AI Search

  • Read the Azure SLA.

  • Azure AI Search is available in more than 30 countries/regions worldwide, and new ones are being added regularly.

  • Built-in indexers are available for Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Azure Blob Storage, and Microsoft SQL Server hosted in Azure Virtual Machines. Use Azure Data Factory, with more than 80 connectors, or Azure Logic Apps to connect to your data source. Alternatively, push data into an Azure AI Search index, which has no restrictions on data source type.

  • Azure AI Search works with several popular formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; Adobe PDF; and PNG, RTF, JSON, HTML, and XML.

  • Azure AI Search is a platform as a service that helps developers create their own cloud search solutions. Microsoft Search is software as a service integrated across all your Microsoft 365 apps and services.

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