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Azure Load Testing

Generate high-scale load and identify performance bottlenecks.

Optimize performance with high-scale load testing

Help developers and testers generate high-scale load and run simulations with a fully managed load-testing service, built for Azure. Create tests quickly without knowledge of load-testing tools, or upload your existing Apache JMeter scripts. Gain actionable insights into performance, scalability, and capacity and support continuous improvement through automated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows.

Azure Load Testing is now generally available. Try it now.

Simplified, cloud-based load-testing service with high-fidelity support for Apache JMeter.

Comprehensive view of curated client and server metrics with actionable insights into app performance.

Integration with CI/CD workflows for automated, collaborative load testing.

Streamlined billing and test management that builds on existing Azure conventions.

Generate high-scale load quickly and easily

Generate high-scale load without the need for complex infrastructure. Create tests quickly without prior knowledge of load testing tools, or run existing test scripts at scale with high-fidelity support for Apache JMeter. Streamline load testing with a fully managed service that automatically incorporates networking best practices to ensure a frictionless testing experience for public and private endpoints hosted on Azure or multicloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments.

A diagram showing how Azure Load Testing streamlines the process with a fully managed service
A dashboard of client-side metrics for a shopping test showing virtual users, response time, requests and error data

Identify bottlenecks with actionable insights

Optimize your app's scalability and capacity by observing how a high load affects its performance. Get deep, actionable insights and recommendations from a comprehensive view of curated client and server metrics to understand and improve app performance at scale—all on a single dashboard. Visually compare load tests to see the effect of application and environmental changes, along with how tests affect all parts of your app.

Build load testing into your DevOps workflows

Easily build load testing into automated CI/CD workflows to help catch and block performance regressions early in the development lifecycle. Establish a performance baseline to compare tests against and set clear pass and fail criteria for load tests running in deployment pipelines. View load test summaries in GitHub and Azure Pipelines or get more details in the Azure portal.

Load testing being built into a CI/CD workflow between "build and deploy" and "actions based on test result"
A user creating a new load test

Use a fully managed testing service for Azure

Experience a frictionless, cost-effective testing service that builds on other Azure services. Confidently generate load at any scale without having to worry about networking issues or overloads. Azure Load Testing automatically incorporates Azure networking best practices to avoid tests being mistaken for a security risk, and auto-abort sensors identify throttling and provide recommendations to improve runtime reliability.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Load Testing

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  • Azure Load Testing supports up to 400 engine instances per test run, simulating up to 100,000 virtual users. The number of virtual users per engine instance can vary based on the complexity of the test script. We recommend up to 250 virtual users per engine instance. You can monitor the engine health metrics to determine the maximum number of virtual users for your specific scenario.

    Learn more about engine health and how to configure high-scale load with Azure Load Testing.

    To run tests with engine instances greater than your current quota, raise a support ticket request to increase your quota for ‘Engine instances per test run’ by following the steps mentioned here.

  • Each load test can be configured to run up to a maximum of 24 hours.

    To run tests longer than 3 hours (up to 24), raise a support ticket request to increase your quota for 'Test duration' by following the steps mentioned here.

  • With Azure Load Testing, you can run performance tests against web applications, mobile applications, web APIs, microservices, database connections etc. Azure Load Testing supports a wide variety of protocols supported by JMeter like HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, JDBC, LDAP, FTP etc.

  • Yes, Azure Load Testing supports private endpoint testing using VNET injection. It is possible to generate load to an endpoint deployed in an Azure virtual network, a public endpoint with access restrictions, or an on-premises service, not publicly accessible, that is connected to Azure via ExpressRoute.

    Learn how to run a load test against a private endpoint.

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