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    Convert Spot VM to StandardVM

    Will there be any chance in the future where the user will be able to convert a spot VM to a standard VM directly from portal instead of rebuilding the VM. Thanks.

    Connection draining for VMSS before an upgrade

    VMSS should allow us to configure a custom script that can be run before performing an upgrade to ensure that all connections are drained before upgrading the image.Currently, the only way to do this is to use manual upgrades and RDP/remote powershell to each VM and take down the health probe, drain all the connections and then trigger the manual upgrade.This is not scalable with a large number of VMs and seems like a feature that could very easily be implemented on the VMSS.It would simply require custom script extensions that can be triggered manually by a user and at time of rolling upgrades. Currently custom script extensions only run at time of creation of a new VM.The functionality to run custom scripts is already there, why not just allow it to improve the upgrade process.Currently rolling upgrades lead to dropped connections and connections being sent to a shutdown VM (for the few seconds between the shutdown and the health probe marking the instance down)

    Security checks

    Here's an idea! Make sure the person who has axure virtual machine isn't a scumbag identy thief trying anything and everything to use someone's identy and information to scam everyone who has any connection to scam them using my info and dat

    Max Uncached Disk Throughput Limit

    Customer has machines that require higher disk Throughput capabilities with less CPU/Memory than our VM series offer. For example customer has a need for a 4-8 cpu/16 GB of ram machine with 200 MB uncached disk throughput. Only size we offer is a VM with 8 CPU/64GB of ram that meets the throughput requirements.

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