Cloud Shell

Your Microsoft-managed admin machine in Azure, for Azure

Shell access from virtually anywhere

Connect to Azure using an authenticated, browser-based shell experience that is hosted in the cloud and accessible from virtually anywhere. Azure Cloud Shell is assigned per unique user account and automatically authenticated with each session. Get a modern command-line experience from multiple access points, including the Azure portal,, Azure mobile app, Azure docs (e.g. Azure CLI, Azure PowerShell) and VS Code Azure Account extension.

Choose your preferred shell experience

Azure Cloud Shell gives you the flexibility of choosing the shell experience that best suits the way you work. Both Bash and PowerShell experiences are available.

Common tools and programming languages included

Microsoft routinely maintains and updates Cloud Shell, which comes equipped with commonly used CLI tools including Linux shell interpreters, PowerShell modules, Azure tools, text editors, source control, build tools, container tools, database tools and more. Cloud Shell also includes language support for several popular programming languages such as Node.js, .NET and Python.

Persist your files in attached cloud storage

Cloud Shell attaches an Azure Files share to persist your data. On first use, Cloud Shell will prompt to create a file share in Azure Files (or attach an existing one) to persist your data across sessions and Cloud Shell will automatically re-attach it for subsequent sessions.

Create and edit files in the Cloud Shell editor

Cloud Shell offers an integrated file editor built on the open-source Monaco Editor. Simply run "code." in Cloud Shell to enter a lightweight file editing experience integrated directly into the Cloud Shell window. Create and edit files that will be automatically synced to your backing Azure Files share.

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