Web applications migration

Engage your users with rich experiences and get more agility in the market by bringing your apps to the cloud. Start your web app migration with the Azure App Service Migration Assistant—specifically designed for web app workloads.

Migrate your web applications to Azure

Spend more time creating value for your customers and less time and resources on managing infrastructure by bringing your web applications to Azure.

Digital engagement has evolved greatly beyond static web content and customers have come to expect rich interactivity, functionality and a multichannel experience. With fully managed services in Azure, you are free to focus your creativity and innovation on creating apps that offer a solid experience and improve revenue growth.

Azure platform services take care of the availability, scale, security and infrastructure management for your apps, allowing you to spend less time on the underlying resources.

Focus on customer experience

Free up time to build robust apps and open new revenue opportunities.

Deliver more functionality faster

Maximise value added per development cycle and get to market in half the time.

Differentiate with innovation

Focus on evolving your apps and spend less time on administration.

Host, scale and innovate with Azure App Service

Experience the immediate benefits of a fully managed platform with built-in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). Free up developer time to build, deploy and evolve apps that provide rich experiences for your customers—while the undifferentiated heavy lifting of administration is taken care of for you.

Azure App Service is specifically designed to host web applications, websites, APIs and other web services. Join a customer base with millions of web applications—using multiple technologies, such as .NET and PHP—and content management systems, such as Sitecore and WordPress.

Learn more about Azure App Service

There are three simple ways to migrate your web applications to Azure App Service:

  • Bring your code

    Redeploy code using your existing CI/CD pipeline.

  • Bring your container

    Containerise your application and deploy using a Docker image.

  • Use the Migration Assistant tool

    Automate the migration of your .NET and PHP applications with the App Service Migration Assistant.

Assess and migrate your web apps in minutes

Simplify the migration of your web apps to the cloud with minimal or no code changes with the Azure App Service Migration Assistant tool—a free and simple path to automatically migrate .NET or PHP web applications from on-premises to the cloud.

Assess your website for migration by running a scan of its public URL

Download the Migration Assistant tool to run readiness checks

Migrate your web application to Azure App Service

Demo: Migrate .NET web applications to Azure

See step-by-step, hands-on guidance to assess and migrate .NET web applications to Azure using the App Service Migration Assistant tool.

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