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LOB applications

Modernise your internal line of business (LOB) applications to meet today's IT challenges and your rapidly changing business needs. Digital transformation starts with cloud technology and enables faster development, higher productivity, reduced costs and more secure applications throughout your organisation.

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Solution architectures

Adding a modern web and mobile front end to a legacy claims-processing app

Customer mobile Azure ActiveDirectory B2C Employee mobile Azure ActiveDirectory MultifactorAuthentication Office 365 PowerBI (Q&A) Sharepoint Structured Blob Storage Logging Logic Apps Java Web App Power Apps Application Insights Visual StudioTeam Services Visual Studio 3rd Party SAP 4 5 6 3 1 8 7 2
  1. Overview
  2. Flow

This line-of-business application solution consolidates data from multiple business systems and surfaces the data through web and mobile front ends—helping to improve employee productivity and speed decision making.

  1. 1 End-customer’s mobile app authenticates via Azure Active Directory B2C
  2. 2 Customer’s mobile app connects to the back-end web service that aggregates data from different systems using asynchronous connection
  3. 3 Web application connects to SQL database
  4. 4 Power BI connects to SQL database and SharePoint
  5. 5 Logic app pulls data from CRM (Salesforce)
  6. 6 Logic app connects to SAP system (on-premises or in the cloud)
  7. 7 Employee mobile app connects to the logic app that orchestrates the business process
  8. 8 Employee mobile app authenticates via Azure Active Directory

Modern customer support portal powered by an agile business process

  1. Overview
  2. Flow

This line-of-business application solution provides a mechanism for monitoring and responding to customer feedback. Easily connect multiple business systems to enable nimbler customer support.

  1. 1 Customer submits feedback posted to a web endpoint.
  2. 2 The feedback is posted to Microsoft Cognitive Services Text Analytics API to extract sentiment and keywords.
  3. 3 The customer feedback creates a new case in Dynamics CRM or other CRM.
  4. 4 The solution sends a text message to the customer, thanking them for the feedback.
  5. 5 If the feedback sentiment scores lower than 0.3, the app posts this information to a customer service channel to respond.

Customer onboarding process powered by a serverless architecture

HTTP Request API Management Cognitive ServicesFace API PowerBI MailChimp CosmosDB Dynamics 365 4 2 5 6 3 Customer 1
  1. Overview
  2. Flow

The solution demonstrates a business process for customer onboarding. This serverless architecture enables you to build and run applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure and the associated management and maintenance. By using it, you can dramatically improve developer productivity.

  1. 1 Information about the new customer is posted to a web endpoint.
  2. 2 The customer’s photo is posted to Cognitive Services Face API. Face API associates the customer’s photo and name.
  3. 3 The customer information is recorded in Dynamics 365 or other CRM.
  4. 4 The information about a new customer is sent to PowerBI.
  5. 5 The customer information is added to the mailing list (MailChimp).
  6. 6 The solution creates a record of the member in SQL Database.

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