The future of computing: intelligent cloud and intelligent edge

Get an intelligent, consistent and comprehensive platform from cloud to edge with Azure.

What are the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge?

The intelligent cloud is ubiquitous computing, enabled by the public cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, for every type of intelligent application and system you can envision.

The intelligent edge is a continually expanding set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyse data – close to your users, the data or both. Users get real-time insights and experiences, delivered by highly responsive and contextually aware apps.

Combine the virtually limitless computing power of the cloud with intelligent and perceptive devices at the edge of your network to create a framework for building immersive and effective business solutions.

Introducing mixed reality devices and solutions that realise this vision today

Bring the full value of the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud to life in your business with mixed reality – a blend of the physical and digital world. Through edge computing, mixed reality surfaces rich, interactive information where you need it, when you need it, across platforms and devices. Learn more about the new portfolio of mixed reality services and devices unveiled at MWC Barcelona 2019.

Azure Kinect DK

Build sophisticated computer vision and speech models with a developer kit that combines advanced AI sensors.

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HoloLens 2

Work smarter with a heads-up, hands-free mixed reality solution that’s ready for business.

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New apps from Dynamics 365

Explore mixed reality communication apps for HoloLens 2 that deliver instant business value.

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New mixed reality services in Azure

Build multi-user, cross-platform apps that help people work, learn and collaborate in mixed reality.

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Build on consistency and innovation across your network

Get a consistent and comprehensive experience from the cloud to the edge. Azure capabilities are based on a set of enduring principles:

    • Simplify the development and deployment of your solutions with consistent programming models, app services, data services and DevOps tools. Develop an event-based system with Azure Functions that runs on Azure, Azure Stack and Azure IoT Edge.

    • Reduce the complexity of managing security across a distributed infrastructure. Azure Security Center provides a built-in, unified approach across environments and intelligent threat protection for workloads running on cloud-to-edge solutions.

    • Manage profiles for cloud-to-edge solutions with Azure Active Directory. Guard against unauthorized access to apps, devices and data – including conditional access, access control lists, identity protection and access reviews.

    • Manage cloud resources in Azure and your edge environment with intelligent, built-in tools for monitoring, backup, disaster recovery and update management.

    • Build machine learning models in Azure that you can run at the edge to deliver real-time insights. Retrain and improve your current machine learning models by transferring your data sets to Azure.

    • Adopt the broad set of edge devices provided by Azure as well as the robust ecosystem of partners to ensure the right edge solution for your business.

Learn more about products that power the intelligent edge

Azure Sphere

Create secure, Internet-connected microcontroller devices for end-to-end device security.

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Azure Data Box Edge

Analyse, preprocess and transform your on-premises data with AI-enabled computing before transferring it to Azure.

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Azure IoT Edge

Extend cloud intelligence and analytics to edge devices with a fully managed service.

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Azure Stack

Bring an extension of Azure to your on-premises environment and build and deploy hybrid applications – anywhere.

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Customers are doing great things with edge technologies



iMOKO uses Azure Stack in the rural, remote areas of New Zealand to deliver fast and reliable healthcare services to children and communities in need.

Microsoft invests USD 5 billion in IoT

Take advantage of the power and capabilities of the cloud and the edge with the Microsoft IoT portfolio – whether your solution is in the cloud, offline or somewhere in between.

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Qualcomm + Microsoft partnership

This partnership helps developers quickly create camera-based IoT solutions using on-device vision AI and edge computing.

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Explore the Microsoft intelligent edge partner community

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