Microservices in Azure

Simplify the development of your distributed cloud applications. Rely on built-in, enterprise-grade security and auto-scaling.

What are microservices?

Microservices are a software architecture style in which applications are composed of small, independent modules that communicate with each other using well-defined API contracts. These service modules are highly decoupled building blocks that are small enough to implement a single functionality.

The purpose of microservices architectures is to make it easier to develop and scale applications. Microservice architectures foster collaboration between autonomous teams and enable them to bring new functionalities to market faster.

Why use microservices?

Build services independently

Microservices-based applications are built as a collection of highly decoupled services that handle a single action. Teams can independently build, verify, deploy and monitor each service.

Scale services autonomously

Independent services can be scaled based on their respective demands without affecting the overall performance, rather than scaling the entire app up or down.

Use the best approach

Development teams gain the flexibility to use the best deployment approach, language, platform and programming model for each service.

Isolate points of failure

By isolating potential problem areas to individual services, microservices architectures improve security and reliability. Services can be replaced or retired without affecting the overall structure.

Deliver value faster

Teams can deploy small, independent modules quickly. Several teams can work on different services at the same time and put new features into production faster.

Build better and faster with microservices in Azure

Simplify your application lifecycle

Boost agility and collaboration and reduce time to market by using Azure managed services and development tools.

Rely on a trusted platform

Develop secure and reliable applications on a compliance-certified platform.

Scale to your needs

Improve overall performance by enabling automated and fully managed scaling on demand.

Gain flexibility

Adapt faster to business needs by choosing the best approach and technology for each service.

Select the best microservices approach for your business

Service Fabric

Get automatic scaling, rolling upgrades and self-healing from faults with a custom-built microservices framework.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Use a fully managed Kubernetes service to handle provisioning, upgrading and scaling cluster resources on demand.

Azure functions

Build apps with simple, serverless functions that scale on demand based on the number of executions – without managing infrastructure.

API Management

Expose and publish specific parts of your applications as an API, regardless of where the implementation is hosted.

Get an end-to-end development experience

Visual Studio

An IDE for developing modern apps – with advanced debugging capabilities.

Azure DevOps

A cloud-based solution for application lifecycle management that handles hosted code repos, issue tracking, load testing and automated builds.

Visual Studio Code

A lightweight, source-code editor for editing and debugging on any OS.

Customers are doing great things with microservices in Azure

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