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Microservice applications

Deliver scalable, reliable applications faster to meet the ever-changing demands of your customers as your business grows. Born-in-the-cloud services, built on a rich microservices platform, free developers from infrastructure concerns and help them realise the full potential of the cloud.

“Our microservices in Azure Service Fabric will be automatically scaled up, begin unfolding space and seamlessly distribute the load across all of the nodes in the system... Time not spent on server administration is directly added to game development, so using Microsoft Azure is a huge win for us and our players.”

Ben Adam, CTO, Illyriad Games

Realise the full potential of your applications in the cloud

Start small, dream big. Get the scale, power and global reach that your start-up demands to meet the needs of your customers as your business grows, without re-architecting your applications. Run your apps at cloud scale with a rich set of services that allow you to focus all your energy on building applications instead of managing infrastructure.

OSISoft CareOtter
“The reality is that CareOtter, being a start-up company, would have been very hard to do even five years ago. Service Fabric allows me to focus on the software that I build and not the infrastructure that runs it.”

Tyler Downs, VP of Development

One solution, many customers, always up to date

Serve the broadest range of customers from the same codebase. Update in real time as small development teams work independently, using continuous delivery pipelines and rolling out upgrades to ensure that customers always have access to the latest features.

“We’ve found actors to be a natural way to model users in our system. They allow us to focus on our core functionality while inherently supporting persistence, scalability and resiliency.”

Dr Gregory Athas, Principal Software Architect

Avoid costly maintenance outages

Deliver the best customer service and business value by keeping your applications running 24/7 without the need for lengthy maintenance windows to deploy and test new features and bug fixes.

Mesh Systems
“The ability to provide rolling updates to a distributed production system while maintaining the state is game-changing.”

Bill Craun, Principal Software Engineer

Prebuilt solutions from our partners

Find and deploy popular options for microservice apps in the Azure Marketplace.

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