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Azure IoT for safer workplaces

Create a safer workplace as you resume on-site operations

Help safeguard your employees, customers and facility

Deliver on your commitment to worker safety using Internet of Things (IoT) solutions designed for rapid deployment on a global scale. Implement contactless systems to prepare your facility for reopening in light of COVID-19, maintain employee safety by monitoring sanitisation and hygiene practices, track adherence to mask-wearing guidelines and optimise your workplace to maintain appropriate distance between team members. Empower your employees to collaborate from anywhere.

As your workplace and other group spaces reopen after the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s important to instill confidence in your employees and customers that you’re keeping your facilities clean. IoT solutions built on Azure by our partners apply disinfectant to spaces and assets to promote health and well-being.

Build confidence in your ability to promote well-being by monitoring air quality within your workspace. Reduce interpersonal contact through remote business automation and reduce touchpoints by deploying contactless interface solutions at scale.

Optimise your workplace to help reduce risk of exposure and to gain insights into worker proximity, movement and adherence to physical distancing and mask wearing guidance. Recognise and respond to potential signs of exposure within your organisation.

Explore Azure IoT solutions for safer workplaces

Help safeguard your work environment with highly secure and stable applications built by partners on the trusted Azure IoT platform.

IoT-connected platform

Insight’s Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention rapidly deploys and manages a flexible, scalable intelligent edge and cloud ecosystem that helps detect and prevent COVID-19 infection in large group spaces.

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Contactless IoT interfaces

Contactless interfaces reduce or eliminate physical touchpoints such as traffic light buttons, touch screens, door handles and elevator controls by creating touch-free experiences that are both safe and pleasing for users.

COVID-19 IoT safe solutions

Bosch COVID-19 Safe Solution combines existing closed-circuit TV (CCTV) infrastructure with the Azure intelligent edge and other services to help organisations monitor, comply with and improve safety practices.

Safe buildings with IoT and Azure

The Cognizant Safe Buildings solution provides a strategic approach to create safe buildings with sustainably healthy working environments.

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Smart and secure lighting and disinfection

BrainLit’s patented BioCentric Lighting™ (BCL) system is a dynamic, self-learning, IoT-based system that creates high-quality natural lighting for indoor environments.

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Azure IoT for safer workplaces resources

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"Detection and prevention of the further spread of viruses is key to getting people back to work and interacting together in public again. The Citizen Care Pod demonstrates how intelligent technology can accelerate that effort in a safe and sensible manner."

Stan Lequin, Vice President and General Manager, Insight Enterprises
Citizen Care Pod

"With the deployment of Microsoft AI technology, we can effectively and quickly detect whether hospital personnel are wearing masks or have abnormal body temperatures."

Liao Mao-Hung, Administration Vice Superintendent, Yonghe Cardinal Tien Hospital
Yonghe Cardinal Tien Hospital

Cary North, Carolina, is a community of 170,000 people in the heart of the triangle region of North Carolina, NC, US. Much like the rest of the world, Cary is dealing with COVID-19.
Learn how Cary leveraged Ombori queueing services based on Azure IoT based to deliver government services during the pandemic.

Town of Cary

GE Aviation digitally models and observes aircrafts with Azure Digital Twins

"When it came to developing RxWell, our new public-health-based, data-driven program that's specifically designed to give our customers the peace of mind that they can safely return to the workplace, Microsoft was the only company that could meet our comprehensive data, analytics and security needs."

Scott Rechler, Chairman and CEO, RXR Realty

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