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Azure Front Door

Modern cloud CDN that delivers optimized experiences to your users anywhere.

Accelerate content delivery securely and at scale

Azure Front Door is a modern cloud content delivery network (CDN) service that delivers high performance, scalability, and secure user experiences for your content and applications.

Cloud-native and DevOps tools to automate and streamline deployment.

Fully customizable rules engine for advanced routing capabilities.

Instant scalability with global HTTP load balancing and failover.

Seamlessly attached web application firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, and bot protection to safeguard apps and content.

Build apps from any origin on modern architecture

Easily deploy apps on a modern network architecture to build dynamic, high-quality digital experiences. Simplify cloud-native development with a fully programmable and API-driven service. Azure Front Door is deeply integrated with a wide array of Azure services including Azure DNS and Azure Web Apps.

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Accelerate dynamic and static content delivery

Deliver low-latency, high-throughput content at scale from the cloud or on-premises infrastructure to users anywhere. Accelerate static and dynamic content delivery with a unified platform built on the massively scalable Microsoft private global network.

Protect your apps with seamlessly attached security

Defend your digital estate against threats with advanced security services including web application firewall (WAF), bot protection, and DDoS protection. Privately access your app origin and embrace a Zero Trust model with support for Azure Private Link. Monitor and troubleshoot traffic and security with real-time analytics.

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Optimize costs and forecasting with a simple pricing model

Azure Front Door offers simple, easy, and transparent consumption pricing. Reduce bandwidth costs with no additional charges for transferring data from the Azure datacenter to the Azure Front Door edge location.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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See how customers are using Azure Front Door

Optimized performance with modern architecture

"Azure Front Door serves as a giant, automatic, worldwide CDN—connecting users around the world to the closest 'Microsoft fiber' to deliver worldwide performance optimization"

Cam Allen, Software Developer, Zooniverse


Stronger security posture with cloud-native services

Dematic wanted a cloud-native approach to security for its customer-facing services, and chose Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) on Azure Front Door to protect web applications from web-based attacks and malicious bots.

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Front Door

  • Azure Front Door is a modern cloud CDN service that provides high performance, scalability, and secure experiences for your content, files and global applications. It combines modern CDN technology and intelligent threat protection in a tightly integrated service that’s easy to set up, deploy, and manage.

  • Azure Front Door supports features such as dynamic and static content acceleration, global load balancing, traffic and security analytics, web application firewall (WAF), bot and DDoS protection, and Azure Private Link support. Learn more about the Azure Front Door features.

  • Azure Front Door supports HTTP, HTTPS, and HTTP/2.

  • Azure Front Door is a global service and is not tied to any specific Azure region. The only location you’ll need to specify is the resource group location – in other words, where the metadata for the resource group will be stored. Azure Front Door is deployed globally to all edge locations. The service is also available within Azure Government cloud.

  • Azure Front Door is a globally distributed multi-tenant service, meaning the infrastructure is shared by all users. However, by creating an Azure Front Door profile, you define the specific configuration required for your application, and changes made to your configurations won’t impact other tenant configurations.

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